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Stricter laws to combat drug menace

Measures have already been taken to formulate a new set of stringent laws and regulations through the National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol and National Dangerous Drug Control Board since the existing laws and regulations were inadequate to combat the drug menace, Director to the President Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention Samantha Kumara Kithalawaarchchi said.

He was speaking at a media conference at the Government Information Department yesterday. Kithalawaarchchi said that under the existing laws, legal action could be taken against a limited number of recognised drugs. Currently there are various types of drugs prevailing in the market and they come as pills, sprays, ice cubes, etc. “But the existing laws are not sufficient to take action against people who sell or use these drugs,” he said.

“These new varieties of drugs are very popular among schoolchildren since they believe that these drugs have the ability to boost their memory power. Schoolchildren are very innovative and they find various things which have power to intoxicate,” he added.

“Therefore, the Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention has taken measures to make the schoolchildren aware about the danger of taking these drugs and also to change this wrong attitude of children,” Kithalawaarchchi added.