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St. Anthony’s College OBA get-together

SAC OBA President Manjula Munasinghe lighting the oil lamp

Pulling together as a team for a common end is no easy task. In keeping with the College motto ‘Duty First,’ the old boys of St. Anthony’s College, Wattala, wasted no time to come together and map out their plan for welfare of the college.

Thus, the story unfolded with the inaugural get-together of St. Anthony’s College, Wattala, Old Boys Association (OBA) of Melbourne, Victoria, held at the St. Magdalene Parish Hall Chadstone, Melborune on July 1.

The team, led by OBA President Manjula Munasinghe and backed by Vice President Rory Ingram, Secretary Ondrea Fernandopulle, Assistant Secretary Rajiv Guruswamy, Treasurer Dinesh Dissanayake, Assistant Treasurer Pigcheikonar Manoharan, Membership Secretary Shiraaz Fallil and Social Secretary Dushyantha Weerasekara, took on the mantle to support and take their alma mater to new heights.

Conveying his congratulatory message, Principal of the College Rev. Fr. Mal Waranasantha Fernando thanked the members for setting up an association that would keep the college flag fluttering across the shores.

Being extremely elated about the move, he urged the Association to keep up the fraternal spirit and extend a helping hand in the developing of the college and restore its pristine glory.

Elaborating the objectives of the association, the OBA President Manjula Munasinghe called upon all past students of the College residing in Australia and well-wishers to join hands to help turn a new page in the history of the College.

Urging his team to leave no stone unturned to put the College back on the map, he said, “A life is not a life if it is not lived for others. Therefore, let us work together to help each other to create happy memories filled with laughter and friendship.”