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Spiritual healing programme ends up in woman’s death

A 24-year-old woman died during a spiritual healing programme held at Giradurukotte in the Mahiyangana area yesterday.

The programme organisers had reportedly fled the area following the death of the woman. The victim was a resident of Ampara.

The woman had attended the programme as she was suffering from a kidney cancer.

The organisers before the programme had announced that they could cure any illness with the help of the deities. Over 10,000 had attended the programme conducted at a ground close to a religious place.

Prior to the death of the woman, a tense situation had prevailed at the ground with several Buddhist monks confronting the organisers with regard to the truthfulness of the organizers’ claims that they can heal through spiritual means.

After the incident, the main conductor of the programme had claimed that he had temporary lost the power to heal due to an unknown reason.