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Simultaneous launch of three books at SLFI today

Three new books with novel presentations will be launched at the Sri Lanka Foundation auditorium Institute at 9.30 a.m today. The three books are titled ‘Eternality of Buddha’s World’, ‘Quotes of Greats’ and ‘Jokes, Jokes and Joke. Author Lal Hewapathirana said the books are aimed at improving the mindset of the present day adolescents and youth, by guiding them towards more positive thoughts, attitudes and behaviour in their lifestyles.

The first book ‘Eternality of Buddha’s World’ presents 200 selected versions of Lord Buddha’s sermons.The book introduces them as “the guiding and progressive message of the Buddha pronounced nearly 2600 yeas ago, probably having seen through His Divine-Eye, the plight of the young people today all over he world”.

The second book ‘Quotes of Greats’ contains over 1000 quotes of over 150 respected leaders, professionals, scientists, philosophers and politicians who created global history during past several centuries. The quotes are categorised under 50 wide themes and are followed by 150 real stories and anecdotes relating to each of them. While both books are in Sinhala the third is a mix of English and Sinhala texts of over 500 jokes, classified into several segments such as family jokes, social jokes, school jokes and so on. This book aims to promote the culture of English reading among especially, the young by inducing them to read and understand English Jokes.