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RDA executes court order

The Colombo Swimming Club,

part of Colombo Swimming Club demolished:

The Road Development Authority had taken measures to demolish part of the Colombo Swimming Club, yesterday.

The act was carried out following a court order obtained by the authority.

The development took place while the Colombo Swimming Club was in communication with the Lands Ministry and the Highways Minister with regard to the divestiture of the land. The history of the Colombo Swimming Club (CSC) dates back to the 1930s - the colonial era in Sri Lanka.

“We were surprised by this turn of events which unfolded early this afternoon, as we had been in communication with both Land Ministry and the Highways Ministry regarding divestiture of this land.

In fact we have received two letters from the Land Ministry dated March 29, 2017 and June 6 2017, that our request was being considered, and that they were awaiting details regarding compensation offered before proceeding to evaluate our request.

We have not received any communication from either the Land Ministry or the Highways Ministry informing us that our request had been rejected,” an e-mail, generated by the Colombo Swimming Club management to be circulated among its members, said.

“No matter all our explanations and production of documents in our possession, the RDA insisted on executing the court order, without even giving us any time whatsoever to make alternate arrangements or appeal to higher authorities,” it also added.

Sources close to the Swimming Club management said they would work with relevant state authorities to resolve the matter.