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Rajitha calls for scientific research

Papaya leaves to treat dengue patients:

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne had stated that scientific research should be done in order to find out whether it is good to use the juice of Papaya leaves to treat dengue patients, Health Ministry sources said.

According to sources, Minister Senaratne had stated that there is a common belief in Sri Lankan society that the juice is good for dengue patients. The juice is discovered in Sri Lanka. Drugs are being manufactured both in India and in Australia using papaya leave juice. He had stated this during a ceremony held at Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation in Colombo recently.

Still no scientific findings on this products. “But dengue experts and specialists do not accept that the juice is good for dengue patients. The effect of papaya leave juice on dengue patients should be ascertained through scientific research. There are other drugs that cure diseases,” the Minister stated.

“Ayurvedic drugs do not harm the human body like Western medicine. In last year (2016) US $ 64 billion worth Ayurvedic drugs had been sold in the world. Sri Lanka export Ayurvedic drugs to Switzerland and we need to export drugs to many other foreign countries. Sri Lanka needs to capture the world market,” the Minister stated.