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Online payment platform for Customs declarations launched

An online payment platform for Customs declarations has been launched under the Central Bank.

The government ministries including the Finance Ministry have been integrated for three years via the platform, Finance and Mass Media State Minister Eran Wickramaratne yesterday said. He said it was launched to put all the government institutions online for the benefit of the society.

The State Minister was addressing the gathering at the ceremony held at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel Ivy Room to launch the platform .

He said of the tax collected, 80 percent was indirect. “If we need to bring about social justice, we have to reduce the indirect tax to 60 percent while increasing the direct tax to 40 percent,” State Minister Wickramaratne said.

“Is it justice when we collect the same tax on a loaf of bread from a person whose monthly income is Rs. 20,000 and from a person who earns Rs 20 million a month. We have to make these changes considering such situations,” the State Minister said.

He said the Customs, Inland Revenue Department, and Excise Department was contributing 85 percent of the inland revenue and all the other 300 institutions only 15 percent.

Central Bank Governor Indrajit Coomaraswamy and Customs Superintendent A. W. S. I. Silva addressed the gathering. Secretary to the Treasury R. H. S. Samarathunga, Deputy Secretary to the Treasury S. R. Artigala, Director General of Sri Lanka Customs Chulananda Perera were present.