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Minister has misled President says GMOA

Dr. Neville Fernando Hospital takeover:

The Government Medical Officer’s Association (GMOA) alleged that the Health Minister has misled the President on the Dr. Neville Fernando Hospital takeover.

GMOA Secretary Dr.Haritha Aluthge said the Health Minister staged a drama misleading the President.He said Senaratne has pretended that the Dr. Neville Fernando Hospital was taken over by the Government and the SAITM issue is solved now.

The GMOA will inform both the President and the Prime Minister about the issue in writing, he said.

“It is questionable of the net profit earned by Dr. Fernando in the past and whether he had given required service to the students for the money they paid for. Now he has received a chance to get patients to his hospital and make more profits. The Ministers have arranged it for him”, he said in the statement.

The Health Minister’s utterances have raised several questions. Has the Government taken over the hospital or was it just leasing the hospital? What is the connection between the Bank of Ceylon and the hospital? What is the legal right of Dr. Fernando, what is the proposed administration and the role of Dr. Fernando in it and whether patients get free services are some of the questions raised by us, Aluthge said said in the statement.