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'Majority of people are against SAITM’: Isura Devapriya


Western Province Chief Minister Isura Devapriya said the number of persons who oppose SAITM is higher than the number of persons who support SAITM. 

"The President and the Government has paid attention to the issue. It is good to let the Government solve it without interferences of others," he said. 

Addressing a press conference at the Western Provincial Council auditorium in Colombo 7 today he said that the Front Line Socialist Party had said that it will bring schoolchildren into the protest against SAITM.

"This is totally wrong and unacceptable. They should not use schoolchildren for their protests. The parents should not let their children to be used by political parties," he said. 

He further alleged that it was Basil Rajapaksa who purposely created the current conflict in the North Central Provincial Council on October 02 in 2012 in order to defeat former NCP Chief Ministers Berty Premalal Dissanayake. 

"He was a person who had been elected by the UNP at that time, removed by the UNP itself. It is very pathetic to see how Provincial Council MPs dishonored the Mace. The Parliamentarians do not do it,” said the Minister.   

Isura Devapriya further said that the current President did not invite anyone to join hands with him and he does not give any perks to anyone in order to keep them with him. 

"No one will leave the President as stated in certain media. There are issues in the UNP as well as in the SLFP but nothing serious as shown by media. There were more MPs to join the Government but it was impossible to give the ministerial portfolios asked by them. But still they were waiting to join the Government," he said.