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Four acres from Salawa camp for township Project

The government will acquire four acres, two roads and 24.4 perches from the Salawa Camp in Kosgama for the Salawa Township Development Project.

The land will be donated by the Army to the Urban Development Authority. The proposal by Megalopolis and Western Development Minister, Patali Champika Ranawaka will widen the main road to four lanes, allocate land for bank branches, construct a community hall, construct a supermarket complex, construct 35 shop stalls, a children’s park and stadium and food stores.

An explosion in the armoury of the Salawa Army Camp in Kosgama in June 2016, resulted in 1969 properties being damaged with many of the residents living in the area being asked to vacate their homes.

A Special Committee appointed to look into ways in which the city can be rebuilt had recommended the above projects to Cabinet and asked that they be implemented as soon as possible. The Army at the time had volunteered to step in and rebuild all the damaged properties but the affected have complained that they have not received adequate compensation for the damage caused.