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Decision on CEB generation PLAN 2018 - 2037 tomorrow

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) will announce its decision regarding the Ceylon Electricity Board’s long term generation expansion 2018 - 2037 plan tomorrow.

PUCSL Director General Damitha Kumarasinghe said approval is expected to be given to one of the several scenarios presented to the electricity sector regulator by the CEB.

“The CEB will thereafter be instructed to commence construction of the proposed power plants according to the chosen plan” he said.

The CEB was requested to provide 12 further scenarios representing various mixes of power sources to the PUCSL with the initially proposed four scenarios on July 7.

“They have made the submissions and a decision will be announced after considering them,” Kumarasinghe said.

The power generation demand is expected to grow 5.9 percent per annum from 2018 -2022 while in addition the peak demand is expected to grow at 5.1 percent per annum, data shows. The same expected to grow 4.9 percent per annum from 2018-2037 which the peak demand is expected cross at 4.5 percent.

According to the expected growth, it has been identified that the grid should have an installed capacity of 4269 MW should in the beginning of 2018 and 10783 MW by the end of 2037 according to the CEB.

The proposed energy mix for the next twenty years will consist of major hydro, coal, pumped storage hydro, combined cycle, oil and gas turbine plants.