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Wigneswaran concedes: Reneges on one-month suspension of ministers


Norther Provincial Council (NPC), Chief Minister (CM), C.V. Wigneswaran who was facing a serious threat of removal, today conceded to the wishes of TNA Leader, R Sampanthan and stated that the two Ministers; Balasubramaniam Deniswaran and Dr. Pathmanathan Sathiyalingam who were to be subjected to a fresh probe, need not go on leave until the inquiry is complete.  

“There was no punitive action taken against the two Ministers concerned. They are entitled to draw their salary and use their vehicles etc. It is in order to give protection to the Witnesses that it was said that they should take leave while the Inquiring Committee sat”, wrote Wigneswaran to Sampanthan.

“There are new charges too against them. I understand your inability to give guarantees with regard to the conduct of the two Ministers. But I am glad you have undertaken to advise them that they should not impede an independent legal inquiry. It is to ensure the independent legal inquiry and to commit the two Ministers that I designed the formula of taking leave for one month”, he further added.

The CM who then agreed to take Sampanthan’s word that he advised the two ministers not to interfere in any inquiry added that, “The two Religious Dignitaries have insisted that the two Ministers must co-operate by not interfering with the course of justice”.

The copy of the letter is reproduced below: