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Two underworld kingpins give slip to Indian authorities

It has been reported that two underworld kingpins known as Angoda Lokka and Ladiya, have fled from the custody of Indian authorities.

These two are wanted in the killing of another gangster Aruna Udayashantha alias Samayan in February this year.

Angoda Lokka and Ladiya had been taken into custody by Indian Emigration and Immigration authorities when trying to flee to another country using two fake passports from India, a few weeks ago.

According to sources they have fled after being bailed out from an Indian court.

The International Police Unit of the CID was working on bringing the two suspects to Sri Lanka when they escaped allegedly killing another underworld kingpin called Aruna Udayashantha alias Samayan after shooting a prison bus in February this year.

However the Police Media spokesman said that the police have not received information regarding the issue.