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SLFP Youth Front to deploy 5,000 members for dengue fight

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Youth Front is to deploy 5,000 members to assist the Pradeshya Sabhas in eradicating dengue epidemic, SLFP Youth Front President Shantha Bandara said.

He said 5,000 members would be divided in to groups to coordinate with the Pradeshiya Sabhas and provide necessary support.

Addressing the Media at the party headquarters yesterday,he said that as the dengue epidemic has claimed over 200 lives so far.Therefore, it is necessary to take prompt action to eradicate dengue mosquito breeding sites from Sri Lanka.

“The government has already taken several measures to eradicate dengue from Sri Lanka. It is our responsibility to provide necessary support as this has become a national issue,”he said.

Bandara further said that the government should take immediate measures to hold the Local Government elections.

He emphasised that the 25 percent quota should be allocated for women and youth at the Local Government elections.

Bandara said that the new Constitution will not pose a threat to the country’s unitary status or to the foremost place accorded to Buddhism.