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Priority will be given to eradicate drugs: Sajith

Top priority will be given for the eradication of drugs and alcohol by the ‘yahapalana’ regime, while during the previous regime, said Housing and Constructions Minister Sajith Premadasa.

He said this addressing a meeting held at Muwanwewa in Lunugamwehera for the vesting of a ‘sewa piyasa.’ A sum of Rs. 2 million was spent for the construction of this ‘sewa piyasa.’

Only forty five months are left for us to serve the people; within that period, we must provide jobs to the jobless and solve other problems pertaining to education and other spheres, the minister said

During the previous regime, alcohol was served to people during elections to gain votes. Taverns and liquor sales outlets were opened in alarming proportions. Thousands of families in the country were destroyed as a result of the alcohol menace, he said.

Thousands of precious lives were lost as a result of drugs, which is why we must concentrate on minimising it, he added.