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PC Minister Nazeer inspects Addalaichenai Government Hospital

Minister A.L.M. Nazeer, Kalmunai Health Services Regional Director Dr. A.L. Alawdeen and health officials on the inspection tour.

Eastern Province Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probation and Childcare, Social Welfare and Rural Electrification Minister A.L.M. Nazeer accompanied Kalmunai Health Services Regional Director Dr. A.L. Alawdeen and Health Department officials on a visit to the Addalaichenai Government Hospital recently. This was on an inspection tour.

Construction work of the three-storeyed ward building complex is nearing completion. Minister Nazeer directed officials to expedite the remaining work of the hospital development programme in the Addalaichenai divisional hospital.

The minister took immediate steps to upgrade Addalaichenai Government Divisional Hospital as a Base hospital and to rectify its shortcomings by renovating and constructing new buildings.

He said, development projects in the Addalaichenai hospital should be completed soon. In the future, Provincial Health Ministry will take measures further develop the hospital.

Minister Nazeer and officers visited the hospital Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) and other places to oversee the progress of the development work.

Addalaichenai hospital medical officer and staff were also present.