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JO MPs meet EU envoy to canvass for LG polls

A group of Joint Opposition MPs led by MP Dinesh Gunawardena met EU Ambassador in Sri Lanka Tung-Laï Margue to discuss the delay in holding the Local Government (LG) Elections yesterday.

The JO handed over a statement to the EU Ambassador on “the failure of Government to hold LG Elections” during this meeting.

The JO in its statement said the fundamental democratic rights of the people have been violated due to the Government’s refusal to hold the LG elections over the last two years.

“The public has been denied of representation at the most basic, grass-roots level which impacts most on their day-to- day life, health and welfare.

The revenues collected by these local government bodies are being used unproductively.

The public servants in charge of these institutions are helpless, since they lack direction from duly elected councils. The result has been the breakdown of services.

The collection of garbage or waste is not carried out systematically and the hygiene of the citizens is in danger.

JO MPs Namal Rajapaksa and Prasanna Ranatunga also took part in the meeting.